California Family Resource Association

Public Policy & Advocacy Resources

CFRA Publications

Family Resource Centers: Their Impact on Community Health Issues. Read how the family strengthening approach was used in five unique ways with parents, youth, and other community members to impact health and wellness challenges. (11/2015)

Process Evaluation of the CFRA Health Coverage Initiative. This report explores our FRC partners' approaches, challenges, and successes to connect their community members with health coverage during California's initial implementation of the Affordable Care Act. (2/2015)

CFRA Toolkits

  • Advocacy Toolkit and Webinar Series - CFRA’s Advocacy Toolkit is designed to help our members advocate for their communities. These tools guide FRCs through a range of strategies that are both effective and legal. Links, samples, and templates are included throughout to help put each section into action.
  • Get Out the Vote - Nonprofits are well positioned to help their communities become engaged and active voters. Voting is an excellent gateway to other forms of civic participation.
  • California State Legislative Process - Learn about the how bills are created, and how to influence public policy.
  • State and Local Budget Processes - Learn about the process for creating budgets at the California State, County, and City levels and the best times to advocate for your programs.
  • Data and Evaluation Tools - The resources can help you evaluate your programs, and strengthen your case to your community and your funders.
  • Health Happens Here Toolkit - Use these tools to strengthen your communications about the value of FRCs. Help deliver the message that strong families are the foundation of healthy communities.

Other Advocacy Resources