California Family Resource Association

Help Stop Additional Restrictions on County Funding!

Please join CFRA in opposing Assembly Bill 1250. AB 1250 would undermine the ability of nonprofits to provide critical services to our communities. Our efforts to negotiate a nonprofit exemption to the bill were rebuffed, so we are asking you to help by sending an opposition letter.

AB 1250 would require counties to conduct time-consuming, onerous processes in order to contract with nonprofits for vital services such as healthcare, senior nutrition, job training, legal aid, domestic violence services, substance abuse, animal welfare, affordable housing, and more. AB 1250 also requires nonprofits to reimburse counties for the costs of extensive new audits and to disclose the salaries and other personal information of all their employees. Read more about AB1250.

Communities are particularly fearful right now due to the uncertainty of the Federal political landscape, and people are shying away from government offices. Without nonprofit providers, crucial services are at risk.

AB 1250 has already passed the Assembly and will be considered in the Senate Appropriations Committee on August 21. It if passes, it will quickly be voted on by all Senators shortly after.

If you share our concerns, please fill out CFRA's template letter of opposition (.docx) and send it to by this Friday, August 18.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Jamie Mauhay, CFRA Project Manager, at

Thank you for your continued efforts to fight the good fight for the family strengthening field!