California Family Resource Association

A message from our President & CEO, Sheila Boxley

Dear CFRA members,

During this ongoing time when so many parts of our great state are experiencing the trauma of fires, lost homes, lost businesses and jobs, and even lost loved ones; we wanted to reach out to you to express our gratitude for all of you supporting your communities and fellow residents. As it has been demonstrated time and again, you are the trusted hubs in your community; the place and people to whom others reach out in need, for information, for support and services.

We have heard from some of you and know there are many more who are providing an invaluable and tireless level of support to those impacted directly by the fires and by association. We appreciate you and want to know how we, as a collective membership, can support you.

We would like to hear from you if you are directly involved in a community threatened or already suffering from a fire. We want to know if your organization or staff have been impacted. If there are concrete things that you need, please let us know. We will reach out and do our best to connect resources to you. If you are near an impacted area and can provide assistance to another member more directly impacted, please do. You may contact our Project Manager, Jamie Mauhay.

While these tragic fires are directly affecting many of you, there have also been a series of disasters, both natural and man-made, that have been a part of our recent media experience.

Above all, please take care of yourselves. You are valuable and vital.

Thank you for all you are doing now, and always.



Sheila Boxley

CEO & President, The Child Abuse Prevention Center