California Family Resource Association

FRC Funding Steam Advocacy Letter

We are asking you to sign on to a very important letter that focuses specifically on our Family Resource Centers. To transform and preserve the future of California families, we must fund our future through public resources that reflect primary prevention and early interventions, community-driven practices, frameworks of equity rooted in service delivery, and holistic models of care which integrate whole child, whole family and whole community values.


CFRA is working with a dedicated group of FRCs throughout California to urge legislators to invest in Family Resource Centers and other primary prevention and early intervention child abuse prevention strategies by leveraging federal funding and state and county level resources. The specific actions include:

  • The Families First Prevention Services Act
  • State-Level Funding and Priorities
  • County-Level Funding Mechanisms and Priorities


Additionally, we are urging legislators to invest in promising practices of prevention implemented by Family Resource Centers, increase investment in Family Resource Centers'workforce, and increase investment in Family Resource Centers'infrastructure.

Before we distribute our recommendations to legislators, we are asking our CFRA members to give us input on our recommendations, as well as help us gather support for our letter.To find out more information about our recommendations, read about the policy recommendations. If you have any questions, feedback, or would like to sign on as a supporter, please contact Jennifer Santos.

Thank you for your continued support of children and families throughout the state,and your valued partnership with CFRA. CFRA values your investment and dedication to child abuse prevention, and together we can make a difference.