California Family Resource Association

Action Alert: CFRA's SB 436

On behalf of the Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAP Center) and California Family Resource Association (CFRA), we are pleased to support and sponsor SB 436 related to Family Resource Centers (FRC). The Chair of the Senate Human Services Committee, Senator Melissa Hurtado, is graciously carrying our legislation and is supportive of the work of FRCs throughout the state.

During the 2018 legislative cycle, CFRA met with the Department of Finance and Governor Brown's policy team to discuss the importance of tying FRCs to the CalWORKs Home Visitation Initiative, since the wrap-around services that FRCs provide greatly benefit those who participate in Home Visitation services. While they were supportive of this provision, they were hesitant to introduce this language into the state budget since currently, FRCs are not codified in state statute. This bill is an effort to lay the foundation to define FRCs in state law, so that we can take the first steps in officially recognizing FRCs as one of the sources of child abuse prevention and family strengthening through statute. This is just the beginning of the steps CFRA is taking to elevate FRCs and the family strengthening field as a whole. 

SB 436 would formalize Family Resource Centers (FRC) as a key delivery network of services and as conduits to strengthening families via family-centered, community-based and culturally sensitive services that include cross-system collaboration as a means to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Family Resource Centers (FRCs) have emerged throughout the United States and in California as a “place-based” approach that invests in preventing child abuse and building community. Since that time, the number of FRCs in California has grown to an estimated 500, with networks at both statewide and regional levels. California FRCs are focused on strengthening families, building communities and mitigating risk factors which lead to abuse.