California Family Resource Association

The CA Family Support Network Merges with CFRA

January 23, 2020

Exciting news! The California Family Support Network (CFSN), formerly known as the California Network of Family Strengthening Networks has merged with CFRA!
Both the CFSN and CFRA have been working with a team comprised of leaders from across California for a smooth merge transition. The benefits of the merger will support the field of Family Support across the state to:
  • Align the field
  • Promote connections with leaders from across the state
  • Support, encourage and educate the field in the use of quality practices (examples include: understanding ACEs, the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support, Family Support Principles and the Five Protective Factors)
  • Increase impact by creating a system of care across the state to support continued learning, emerging trends and trust building with programs, agencies and networks that are: emerging (0-3 years), evolving (3-5 years) and established (5 or more years)
  • Have stronger strategic positioning with members, funders, and policymakers
  • Retain experts in the field
  • Increase awareness of issues that impact families to impact policy
The CFSN is a grass roots effort, established by leaders in the field of family support in early 2009, from a need in the field to promote quality practices, peer sharing/learning and provide mutual support. The CFSN at its peak had a membership that represented over a 1,000 organizations statewide.
One of the highlights of the CFSN is the development of Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support (the Standards). The Standards have now gone nationally and have been introduced in over 30 states. For more information on the Standards:
In preparation for the reboot, past member networks were surveyed, and the California Family Support Network has refocused with three goals (3 C’s):
  • Connect leaders in the field of family support across the state to share current research and promote best practices, moral support and program guidance.
  • Convene leaders in order to promote effectiveness, peer learning and peer support.
  • Communicate and share updates, that support moving the field of family support forward (training, evaluation, capacity building)
CFRA, will play a vital role for the renewed CFSN, providing a much needed backbone, for the CFSN (support with leadership, fiscal, administrative for the Network).
A special thank you to the leadership team: Derik Aoki, Sheila Boxley, Joe Buehrle, Susan Ferdinandi, Lisa Morell Korb, Linda Joy Landry, Jamie Mauhay, Jennifer Santos and team leads Debbie Comstock and Teressa Johnes co-chairs of the CFSN, Michael Williams representing CFRA. For more information on the CFSN contact Debbie Comstock, Teressa JohnesorMichael Williams.