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New Option for Over 700,000 Californians to Express Enroll in Medi-Cal

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beginning this month, the State Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) will be sending letters to 153,000 children and 550,000 adults currently enrolled in CalFresh notifying them that they are eligible for express enrollment in Medi-Cal. This means their eligibility for Medi-Cal has been pre-determined based on already known information about their income, so they do not need to complete a Medi-Cal application, they simply need to give DHCS the okay to enroll them after they've received their notification letter.

This is an exciting opportunity to quickly enroll a huge number of low-income Californians in health insurance, but eligible individuals must contact DHCS to accept this coverage after they receive the notification letter. They'll have three ways to enroll - sign and return the form that comes with their notification letter, call a toll-free number, or go online – no application or additional paperwork is needed.

You can help by making sure families know what to do if they get a letter in the mail. This one-page handout from Children Now, (also available in Spanish) can help you and your staff learn more. It includes answers to frequently asked questions, a link to a sample copy of the DHCS notification letter (.pdf), and additional enrollment resources for the families you serve.

After receiving a notification letter, families can accept coverage any of the following ways:

  • Sign and return the letter using the enclosed form
  • Call (844) 212-0003 and reference the PIN on their letter
  • Go to and enter the PIN on their letter

CalFresh Express Lane - English (.pdf)
CalFresh Express Lane one pager - Spanish (.pdf)