California Family Resource Association

New Strategies Grantees!

The California Department of Social Services Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP) has awarded $2.5 million annually for three years for its statewide training and technical assistance grant, known as Strategies 2.0, to a partnership of three agencies: The Child Abuse Prevention Center (CFRA's parent organization), Children’s Bureau, and San Diego State University Social Policy Institute.

Strategies 2.0 is excited to build on OCAP’s longstanding investment in training and technical assistance for family strengthening and child abuse prevention agencies throughout California. Working in close partnership with OCAP, Strategies 2.0 will continue core elements of the existing program while leveraging technology and regional expertise to maximize statewide impact, efficiency, and access.


The three-year award will allow Strategies 2.0, with significant input from the field, to build a professional development path for staff by developing an online foundations course for individuals at all levels, augmented with intermediate certification and senior credential levels. In addition, regional learning communities, technical assistance services, and train-the-trainer opportunities will address a range of needs and prepare agencies and networks to increase their impact on families and communities.

Sheila Boxley, President & CEO of the Child Abuse Prevention Center, said, “This is a dynamic opportunity to build capacity and formalize a professional development path of our field. We are also excited to use technology to create greater access at a reduced cost.”

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