California Family Resource Association

Funding Streams


When seeking funding, FRCs often wonder if a particular funding source is a good match for their work. Researching funding can be time-consuming and often lead to more questions. Having the knowledge about how to access and utilize these resources can help to strengthen FRC outcomes and inform choice.

This is why CFRA has created fact sheets about government funding streams commonly used by FRCs. The fact sheets provide info FRCs can use as a guide to help match funding to their mission, including purpose of the funding, oversight and accountability, allocation methods, reporting requirements, and basic eligibility:

While the fact sheets are open to everyone, CFRA members are exclusively invited to learn more by watching our funding streams webinars in our Member Forum. Each webinar features a guest speaker who has in-depth knowledge of the topic. Speakers discussed:

  • Who are the stakeholders and authorities on the state and local level, and with whom should FRCs be building relationships?
  • Are there any distinctions about a funding stream by county or region?
  • What are some examples of strong outcomes?
  • What support available for applicants?
  • What partnerships are important to be successful in the outcomes for this funding?