California Family Resource Association

Advocacy Toolkit

CFRA’s Advocacy Toolkit is an interactive resource designed to help our members create vibrant communities that put children and families first. These tools were designed by CFRA staff, members, and expert policy consultants to guide FRCs through a range of advocacy strategies that are both highly effective and 100% legal for nonprofits.

As the outline below indicates, the Toolkit begins with content suitable for FRCs who are new to advocacy, with each section progressing in depth and complexity to serve even the seasoned advocate. Links, samples, and templates are included throughout to help the reader put each section into action.

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Advocacy Webinar Series

1. Why Advocacy?

  • What Is Advocacy?
  • Does It Make A Difference?
  • Who Can Advocate?

2. How Can I Be An Effective Advocate?

  • Understand Your Issues
  • Build Your Team

3. Ready for Action

  • Build Relationships With “Electeds” Who Share Your Concerns
  • Build Relationships With Local Press
  • Reach Out to Your Own Constituency

4. Tools of the Trade

  • Educational Approaches
  • Grassroots Lobbying Approaches
  • Direct Lobbying Approaches
  • Resources For Legislative Information
  • Understanding The Legislative Process
  • Show Me The Money
  • State and County Budget Processes
  • Act, Learn, Repeat

5. Keeping it Legal

  • “Lobbying” versus “Advocacy”
  • Lobbying Is Legal In Limited Amounts
  • Political Activity
  • Education Is Not Lobbying
  • Ballot Initiatives In California
  • Why You Need to Track Expenditures
  • Public Agency Staff

6. Further Advocacy Opportunities & a Reading List for the Very Curious