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Our Vision

A strong, cohesive network that promotes the success and well-being of families in all California communities.

Our Mission


▪…connect family resource centers and allied organizations, networks, and community leaders in a member-driven, statewide network;
▪…convene family-strengthening leaders for networking and working toward a shared vision;
▪…communicate the value of family resource centers, networks, and programs and policies that strengthen families to policymakers and to the state.


Founded in 2005, the California Family Resource Association (CFRA) is a statewide membership association of organizations that serve children and families. Our purpose is to advocate for the programs, policies, and resources that help families and communities thrive and succeed. We also build the capacity of our member organizations to impact policy change, partner with local government and community allies, and achieve sustainability. We invite you to join us and help improve the lives of children, families, and communities throughout California.
CFRA is an agency of The Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAP Center), an organization with a 35-year history of preventing child abuse and neglect. The CAP Center is home to Safe Kids California, Lift the Children, Child Abuse Prevention Council of Sacramento, CFRA and our fiscal agent, Prevent Child Abuse California.

Key Strategies

  • Educating lawmakers and positively influencing policy.
  • Increasing public and private funding for programs that support the economic, social and educational well-being of children and families.
  • Networking and building membership to create a unified policy voice and share best practice program approaches.
  • Systematic data collection and program evaluation that documents a comprehensive program approach and successful outcomes.
  • Strategic communications that inform public policy, officials and private funders.


  • Public policy
  • Capacity building
  • Networking

Policy Priorities

  • Child welfare
  • Health/Mental health
  • Family economic success
  • School readiness