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2024 Month of Advocacy

Child and family well-being is fundamental to the health of our state, calling for more—not less—support in difficult economic times. The California Family Resource Association (CFRA) urges the State of California to find budget solutions that do not harm the state’s most vulnerable children and families. Embedded in their communities as trusted partners for parents as well as for state and local programs, Family Resource Centers respond directly to the impacts of state cuts, even while they need to patch together resources for their own sustained impact. They once again will need to step up and address real damage that could come from proposed cuts and deferred investments in the Governor’s 2024 budget.

CFRA joins our partners at the Alliance for Child and Family Service (Alliance), Children Now (CN), and End Child Poverty for California (ECPC) in calling on our legislature and Governor to protect our children, families, and communities in the 2024 state budget.

Family Resource Centers are dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect by strengthening children and families. A state budget needs to support families and youth facing disadvantage and crisis.

  • Restore the Family Urgent Response System (FURS). (Alliance, CN, ECPC)
  • Restore the Supervised Independent Living Program (SILP) Housing supplement. (Alliance, CN, ECPA)

Family Resource Centers transform families and communities through reciprocity and asset development. Our state cannot afford to lose ground in supporting economic well-being.

  • Reject cut to CalWORKs. (CN, ECPC)
  • Resort the Housing Navigator & Maintenance Program. (CN)

Family Resource Centers drive change through impact-driven and evidence-informed approaches. California needs to maintain investments in innovative solutions to urgent and chronic needs facing children, youth, and families.

  • Address declining First 5 tobacco tax revenues (California First 5 Association).

Family Resource Centers will absorb the impact of any state cuts to family supports, serving, yet again as the unacknowledged “safety net for the safety net.” Although, in deference to the state budget cuts that need to be addressed, CFRA will not propose new funding in 2024 to stabilize FRC services, the need persists. We will spend the next year refining our proposal, to bring more definition to our program criteria and design and developing shared measures of impact.


Vehicles For Change

Family Resource Centers
Vehicles for Change, Volume I:
The California Family Resource Center Learning Circle

Vehicles for Change, Volume I The California family resourCe CenTer learning CirCle

Family Resource Centers
Vehicles for Change, Volume II
The Evolving Field

Below are clickable links to updated resources that are being provided to CFRA Members to support FRC advocacy:

FRCs Have Impact Infographics 

List of Legislators 2023

Month of Advocacy Toolkit

Weekly Activities

Social Media Engagement

Post graphics provided with pre-written messaging on social media using the hashtag #CFRAMonthofAdvocacy

Telling your Organization's Story

Use the template provided to create a graphic that includes a snip-bit of the work your organization does using the hashtag #CFRAMonthofAdvocacy

Contacting your Legislator

With scripts CFRA will provide, we ask you to call your legislators and share the pre-made graphic announcing that you are a CFRA Advocate.

Events Recordings

CFRA Month of Advocacy Kickoff Event (3/1/24)