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California Family Resource Association's COVID-19 Family Resource Center Relief Efforts

Grantee Resources

FRC COVID-19 Relief No-Cost Extension Overview

The Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP) has approved for a no-cost extension to FRC COVID-19 Relief grantees to continue to spend remaining funds in their MOU through March 31, 2023. To be eligible for a no-cost extension, all grantees must submit all invoices and service number data from April 2021 through June 2022 by July 20th, 2022.  Grantees that will continue with the no-cost extension will experience a decrease of 10% of their remaining funds for program costs. This has already been calculated and included in the updated MOUs.
  • If grantees do not spend any funds in a given month, they must still submit an invoice for “0” with a signature.
  • Service Number data must be submitted monthly to substantiate invoices. Invoices will not be processed without corresponding data.
  • All invoices and service number data must be submitted to

No-Cost Extension Data and Invoice Webinar

For any questions, contact Victoria Hartman at
No-Cost Extension Office Hour Recordings
CFRA offers a monthly “office hour” for grantees to attend and share best practices, ask questions, and receive updates. these meetings occur on the first Monday of the month from 3pm to 4pm. Please contact Victoria for details.

How to sign up for CFRA membership with your COVID-19 FRC Relief Funds

  1. Join CFRA membership through the website Membership
  2. Pay for the membership through the website and update your member profile
  3. Include the cost of the CFRA membership in your next invoice for the COVID-19 Relief funds

If you need to pay by check, please contact Sadie Crowe at