Founded in 2005, the California Family Resource Association (CFRA) is a statewide membership association of over 350 organizations that serve children and families. Our purpose is to advocate for the programs, policies, and resources that enable Family Resource Centers (FRCs) to better serve families and communities. We do this by building the capacity of our member organizations, convening partners for shared learning and planning, and supporting the development of networks and coalitions to achieve greater impact.

On April 13, 2020 Governor Gavin Newsom announced, during Child Abuse Prevention Month, $42 million in new investments to protect younger Californians who are at heightened risk for abuse and mistreatment due to COVID-19. “Every child deserves to grow up in a safe, stable and nurturing environment free from fear, abuse and neglect,” said Governor Newsom.  The Governor also stated that $3 million in funding be distributed to Family Resource Centers. “Family Resource Centers play a critical role in preventing child abuse and neglect, strengthening children and families, and connecting families to an array of county support systems of care. This funding will provide direct support and services to foster families, including material items, assistance with isolation needs, parenting resources, and staff time to help link families to other state and federal supports (e.g. food, housing, etc.).”


Revisioning Case Management

Vehicles For Change
Family Resource Centers
Vehicles for Change, Volume I:
The California Family Resource Center Learning Circle
In 2000, “Family Resource Centers, Vehicles for Change” was presented to the field as the seminal document describing family resource centers (FRCs) and how they are a unique platform for service delivery and community engagement. Today, it is treasured as a guide to defining the key characteristics and activities of quality FRCs and how they function as a vehicle for change for families and communities.

Family Resource Centers
Vehicles for Change, Volume II
The Evolving Field
The new monograph, “Vehicles for Change, Volume II, The Evolving Field”, emerged in response to widespread interest to tell the continuing story of FRCs and the field of family strengthening. It describes the factors that have contributed to the growth and development of FRCs and how they have responded to the growing body of research and best practice, while remaining anchored in a deep and rich history invested in the well-being of children, families, and communities.

The monograph refreshes the definition of the field based on the unique methods of FRC service delivery and community change efforts driven by relationships, reciprocity, and community development. This perspective serves to unite FRCs across the state as a “field of practice” and illustrates the environment necessary for FRCs to thrive.

Up Valley FRCs & Emergency Response report

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The response to this NOFO must be submitted electronically to the California Family Resource Center (CFRA) using this web-based application form. Applications submitted through the postal mail or by email will not be reviewed. CFRA will send to applicant a confirmation email when the application is complete and signed. If the application is incomplete or unsigned, CFRA will not send a confirmation email. You may request a “Read Notification” to verify the application was received by CFRA. CFRA must receive the application documents by May 5, 2020, at 5:00 PM PST. Applications received later than this deadline will not be reviewed. Applications will be evaluated according to their completeness, alignment with California COVID-19 FRC Relief Funds priorities, and clarity of plans. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

A California COVID-19 Family Resource Center Relief Funds Informational Webinar 

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