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California Family Resource Association's COVID-19 Family Resource Center Relief Efforts

Grantee Resources


2021 Overview
On January 8, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom announced a state budget proposal that included critical supports for Family Resource Centers (FRCs) to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, the measure proposed $13 M in General Fund for COVID-19 Related Supports for Child Welfare Services. The proposal builds on $3 M in state funds allocated for FRC response to COVID-19 in 2020 and recognizes the critical role of FRCs to address the needs of vulnerable children and families across the state, especially those who are most impacted by the pandemic. This funding will provide direct support and services to foster and kin caregiver families, including material items, assistance with isolation needs, parenting resources, and staff time to help link families to other state and federal supports (e.g. food, housing, etc.).”
In response to Governor Newsom’s announcement, CFRA administered a Notice of Funding Opportunity for FRCs to receive COVID-19 Family Resource Center Relief Funds to address family needs and maintain continuity of services and operations during the COVID-19 crisis. During the COVID-19 emergency, families need to remain connected to essential community supports which protect California’s most vulnerable children and families. “Social Connections” and “Concrete Support in Times of Need” are the most important of the Protective Factors that can be provided to our most vulnerable children and families.
CFRA COVID-19 FRC Relief grantees include Family Resource Centers as defined by SB 436 “…an entity providing family-centered and family-strengthening services that are embedded in communities, culturally sensitive, and include cross-system collaboration to assist in transforming families and communities through reciprocity and asset development based on impact-driven and evidence-informed approaches with the goal of preventing child abuse and neglect and strengthening children and families. A family resource center may be located in, or administered by, different entities, including, but not limited to, a local educational agency, a community resource center, or a neighborhood resource center.”
CFRA Membership Reminder!
 In order to help build your statewide network of support, this year’s relief funds  include a line item for one year’s dues to CFRA. FRCs were encouraged to add this to budgets for your networks and each member FRC. If you and your member FRCs are not yet CFRA members, your organization will be invoiced for the amount you claim. If you already are members, this can be applied to your next renewal.
Videos and Recordings
CFRA offers a monthly “office hour” for grantees to attend and share best practices, ask questions, and receive updates. these meetings occur on the first Monday of the month from 3pm to 4pm. Please contact Victoria for details.

NOFO informational webinar recording below.

CFRA FRC Relief Funds February Office Hour

CFRA Relief Funds Office Hour 3/8/22


CFRA FRC Relief Funds Office Hour 4/4/22

CFRA Relief Funds Office Hour 5/2/22

June 2022 FRC Relief Grantee Office Hours