While CFRA was founded in 2005, our association was five years in the making and brought to fruition a long-held vision to build an effective policy voice that could advocate for family-centered programs and policies.

Efforts to form CFRA began in 2001 when philanthropy and community-based leaders came together to identify how best to assist the field of family-serving organizations in providing comprehensive, preventive approaches that support families and communities. Through an extensive statewide process, more than 1,000 individuals provided input that was crucial to the formation of CFRA. Their hard work, dedication and vision are all reflected in the association that has been created — and is a vital part of what CFRA is today.

The Foundation Consortium for California’s Children & Youth also provided critical leadership and in-kind support to CFRA during its formation. While the Foundation Consortium closed its doors after a remarkable 14 years of service, CFRA is honored to carry on the Consortium’s rich legacy built on values of embracing the “whole” child, engaging everyone involved in finding solutions, being accountable for results, investing in smart approaches and celebrating champions.

Our doors opened to membership on January 1, 2006 and we are now a thriving statewide network of over 300 member-organizations. We invite you to join us and help improve the lives of children, families and communities throughout California.

Design Team