Vaccine Equity Campaign Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

The California Family Resource Association (CFRA) is soliciting applications for mini-grants of up to $10,000 each funded through the Sierra Health Foundation, for CFRA members only to conduct outreach and on-site vaccine clinics through their Family Resource Centers (FRCs) to improve COVID-19 vaccination for underserved communities in California. The timeframe for the implementation of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is April 25, 2022, through June 15, 2022.


CFRA funding for the Vaccine Equity Mini-Grants is provided by Sierra Health Foundation’s Vaccine Equity Campaign. Sierra Health Foundation funds organizations to increase Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) access to appointments and vaccines, and provide transportation, interpreter services, childcare and other supports[1]. Awarded organizations will lead activities that help vulnerable communities get vaccinated against COVID-19. Grantees will use multiple outreach methods, such as the expertise of community organizers, community health workers and Promotoras, while linking families with clinicians who can administer the vaccines.


COVID-19 has both impacted and been impacted by the state’s economic, geographic, racial, and related inequities in California. According to the California’ COVID-19 website[2]:

  • The COVID-19 death rate is 18% higher for African-American people and 15% higher for Latinx people than statewide2.
  • The case rate for Pacific Islanders is 77% higher than statewide2.
  • The case rate for communities with median income <$40K is 24% higher than statewide2.
  • Latinx and African-American people have vaccination rates below their shares of the state population2.


CFRA is a statewide membership association of Family Resource Centers, networks, and individuals that serve children and families. CFRA members pay annual dues to receive CFRA support and resources. CFRA’s purpose is to advocate for and support the programs, policies, and resources that enable FRCs to better serve families and communities. CFRA accomplishes this by building the capacity of member organizations, convening partners for shared learning and planning, and supporting the development of networks and coalitions to achieve greater impact.


Since 2020, CFRA has administered $16 million in funding from the state Office of Child Abuse Prevention for community COVID-19 relief through FRCs. Through the FRC Relief Fund, FRCs throughout the state have reaffirmed their value as trusted providers and brokers of services, as they are place-based, welcoming, and reflective of the communities they serve. Because of their integral community connections, FRCs often are the starting point or only resource to parents for accessing services and public benefits. They are the friendly face and comfortable place that offers a way to access services for families who may otherwise be reluctant to approach public agencies and health providers. By design, FRCs are situated in almost all of California’s most underserved communities and connected to those most in need.


CFRA anticipates that providing outreach for COVID-19 vaccine access and on-site/pop-up vaccination clinics through FRCs will have multiple potential benefits to those who come in for vaccination and increase community trust of vaccines. Families who come to the FRC sites for vaccines can receive information about other services on site to access other supports including, but not limited to, mental health resources, public benefits, childcare, community leadership development, and other support.

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[2] California for All. (2022, March 21). Vaccination data. COVID19.CA.GOV. Vaccination data – Coronavirus COVID-19 Response (


CFRA is distributing $425,000 in mini-grants to FRCs for outreach and on-site or pop-up vaccine clinics for underserved communities. Maximum grant per recipient is $10,000. All CFRA Member FRCs in California are invited to apply for this mini-grant, made possible by the Sierra Health Foundation Vaccine Equity Campaign.


Mini-grants will be awarded as follows:


$5,000 for 3 months of outreach activities, including:

  • Group training or events
  • Door-to-door canvassing
  • Phone banking
  • Text banking
  • One-on-one direct messaging




$1,000 per event for direct distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and boosters through:

  • COVID-19 vaccine clinics on-site at FRCs
  • Pop-up COVID-19 vaccine clinics at community locations (e.g., farmer’s markets, shopping centers) sponsored and staffed by the FRC.


FRCs may receive up to $10,000 with a combination of these two methods (outreach activities and direct distribution of vaccines) or up to $10,000 in direct distribution of vaccines (multiple events), or $5,000 for only outreach activities.


All CFRA Member FRCs in California who meet eligibility are invited to apply for this mini-grant. Eligibility includes

  • Applicant fits the definition of an FRC. Operation of a Family Resource Center as defined by Senate Bill 436: “…an entity providing family-centered and family-strengthening services that are embedded in communities, culturally sensitive, and include cross-system collaboration to assist in transforming families and communities through reciprocity and asset development based on impact-driven and evidence-informed approaches with the goal of preventing child abuse and neglect and strengthening children and families. A family resource center may be located in, or administered by, different entities, including, but not limited to, a local educational agency, a community resource center, or a neighborhood resource center.”
  • Applicants serve families in zip codes with lower than the statewide average 1+ dose vaccination rate of 61% (and/or in the 4th Quartile of the CHHS Vaccine Equity Matrix) as reported on the California Health & Human Services Local Health Jurisdiction Vaccine Equity Map[1]:
  • Applicant currently has an active CFRA membership.


CFRA will seek to distribute Vaccine Equity Mini-Grant funds across counties throughout California.

[1] Tableau Public. (2022). LHJ Vaccine Equity Performance. CA Open Data. LHJ Vaccine Equity Performance | Tableau Public


CFRA will provide a simple tracker spreadsheet to mini-grant recipients to track and report fiscal data monthly, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Type of activity or engagement (group training or events, door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, text banking, vaccine clinics),
  • Total number of individuals interacted with,
  • Primary focus population or community interacted with,
  • Zip codes covered, and
  • Specifically for vaccine clinics: vaccine provider & demographics of individuals receiving vaccines.


On April 13, 2022 from 2pm to 3pm, CFRA hosted a webinar for all member FRCs interested in the Vaccine Equity Mini-Grant Notice of Funding Opportunity.

VEC NOFO Info Webinar 3/13/22

VACCINE EQUITY MINI-GRANT Data Collection and Invoices

VEC Data and Invoice Training Webinar 5/12/22

Applications were due 4/18/22 and are currently closed. 

If you have any questions regarding this NOFO please contact:

Victoria Hartman

CFRA Senior Project Manager