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Membership Benefits

Be Represented. CFRA attends dozens of policy and fiscal committee hearings conferences, coalitions, and advocacy meetings that support the health and well-being of children, families and communities on your behalf.

Stay Informed. CFRA monitors and tracks information relevant to the family-strengthening field in order to share calls to action on industry-specific legislation, regulations and reports.

Get Connected. Learn and share with other Family Resource Centers (FRCs) and family-strengthening organizations and networks using our updated member forum. You’ll receive mutual support, peer learning, information, and share best practices that impact the family-strengthening field.

Access Resources. Obtain access to funding opportunities and capacity-building services for public and non-profit programs including convenings, webinars, and training to enhance your practices and impact at the local, state and national level.

Become a Better Advocate. Receive Legislative Updates, trainings, tools, templates, and one-on-one guidance on how to communicate effectively with state and local policymakers.

Increase Capacity. Build your organization’s or network’s capacity to protect vital resources, organize support, and advance policies and procedures that benefit families and communities.

Discounted Rates. Receive special member rates for CFRA activities, including trainings and convenings.

Make a Difference. Provide  input in statewide policy and network committee meetings and contribute to the development of CFRA’s statewide policy agenda to mobilize the field of family support organizations around shared priorities.

Membership Expectations

  1. Support the CFRA mission to advance the public policies and resources needed for families and communities to thrive and succeed.
  2. Commit to partnering with CFRA to enhance the quality of services provided to children and families and advance research and practices that are good for children and families.
  3. Join us in implementing the 3 C’s (Communicate, Convene and Connect) by sharing relevant information and resources and participating in CFRA regional and statewide convenings.

2020 CFRA Membership Dues

Non-Profit Organizations

Budgets Under $1 million

$ 300

Per Year

Budgets Over $1 million

$ 500

Per Year

Family Resource Centers (FRCs), family strengthening organizations, and other nonprofits that serve families and communities.

Networks & Government Institutions

Ten (10) or Fewer Member Organizations

$ 300

Per Year

Eleven (11) or More Member Organizations

$ 500

Per Year

Networks: A group of 4 or more organizations that identify as a network, have dedicated staffing and/or a separate administrative budget. Government Institutions: County Agencies, First 5 and School Districts.

Note, CFRA Membership on the part of a Network or Government Institution does not include membership for the individual member organizations belonging to that Network or Government Institution. Each CFRA Membership (individual or network) includes one login/password for the member forum and discounted rates for one organization. 


Individual Professionals, Retirees and Consultants.

$ 100

Per Year