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CFRA Presents: Equity for Family-Strengthening Work: Courageous Conversations & Timely Tools TrainingĀ 

3/17 @1pm
4/21 @9am
5/19 @1pm
6/16 @9am
7/21 @1pmĀ 

This training will provide a space for introspection, shared understanding, and tools to advance the equity conversation in your family-strengthening work. Join us as we explore our own definitions of equity, how we begin to understand how it works within organizations, and concrete steps that can assist this process.

During this training and facilitated conversation, participants will:

  • Develop a working definition of equity
  • Identify differences between equity and equality
  • Initiate inquiry into personal, professional, and social impacts of power, equity, and inequity
  • Introduce frameworks and tools for increasing organizational focus on equity.

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