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CAPC CFRA Alliance FY 22-23 Budget Request FINAL

CAPC CFRA Alliance FY 22-23 Budget Request Sample Ltr

CAPC CFRA Alliance FY 22-23 Budget Request FINAL (1)

CAPC CFRA Alliance FY 22-23 Budget Request TPs

2022 Legislative Budget Timeline


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CFRA Policy

CFRA Policy Platform

CFRA advocates for the innovative public policies and resources that enable our members to help families and communities thrive and succeed. We do this by educating policymakers, building champions, raising the visibility of FRC/FSOs, and impacting state and regulatory policy.

CFRA also builds the capacity of our members to mobilize and organize for policy change, to partner with local government and community allies, and to achieve sustainability. We are working to build vibrant communities that put children and families first. Through our collaboration with other organizations, we seek to move children and families to the forefront of policymaking in California. Our core functions are three-fold:

  • Public Policy – Educating policymakers about proven strategies for strengthening families. Understanding the needs of children and families – and how best to meet those needs – is crucial to effective public policy. CFRA works to inform state and local policymakers about proven strategies and common sense approaches for developing families’ strengths, and to secure resources for programs that support children and families economically, socially and educationally.
  • Capacity Building – Building the capacity of organizations to inform policy and achieve sustainability. Community-based organizations provide crucial support to millions of California families. In partnership with technical assistance providers, CFRA works with local organizations to document what works and to use this information to achieve lasting outcomes. CFRA also works to secure funding for family-strengthening services and programs.
  • Networking – Developing community and statewide networks that link people, resources and information. Networking is key to providing essential services to families whose needs often cut across programs and jurisdictions. By connecting organizations and individuals that serve families, CFRA works to share best practices, identify common resources and develop a unified policy approach to ensure the success of families and communities.

Some of the coalitions and meetings CFRA attends on behalf of our members.