California Family Resource Association (CFRA) presents a workshop on Building Equity in Networks

Watch the Building Equity in Networks HERE

Presented by Abby Charles

This web-based workshop will increase participants’ understanding of how equity shows up and can be meaningful in our organizations and  the role of racial equity organization self-assessments in producing equitable organizations, programs, opportunities, processes and outcomes. Addressing inequities in communities requires us to intentionally assess and address racial equity in our organizations. We will review using racial equity organization self-assessments to raise organizational and programmatic awareness, initiate conversations focused on racial equity, and contribute to the development of racial equity plans for Family Resource Centers, networks and the broader community.

Participants will be able to:

  • Define key terms and concepts related to equity
  • Describe the relative contribution of different determinants on health and health equity
  • Explain the importance of intentionality in addressing racial equity
  • Give examples of how organizations can align their policies, systems, and programs to promote health equity
  • Use a racial equity organization self-assessment tool
  • Develop and implement a plan to conduct a racial equity organizational self-assessment and utilize the results to increase the organization’s effectiveness in promoting equity, internally and externally

Abby Charles is a Program Director at the Institute for Public Health Innovation (IPHI) where she provides leadership and coordination for Community Health Worker Initiatives, and provides support to a network of Community Health Workers and a portfolio of programs in which the Institute for Public Health Innovation addresses cross- jurisdictional policy making and information sharing, program refinement, policy, research, training, implementation, evaluation and technical assistance. Abby is one of IPHI’s lead trainers and provides technical assistance and training to organizations regionally and nationally on health and racial equity and the integration of tools to promote equity in decision-making.


“Engaging in this work to address equity requires placing the lens on our institutions and institutional practices (hiring, leadership structure, decision making, diversity, inclusion, hidden and visible power etc.) Often organizations and networks are more willing to engage in the external work and less willing to consider what they need to do internally to address equity. I’d say organizations need to do both.”

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